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CBG-8 Beige Camera Bag (Tote style) - Accessories - sku V613011MW000-410 sku

CBG-8 Beige Camera Bag (Tote style) - V613011MW000-410 by Olympus

Item description: This Accessories Olympus product is by Olympus - Are you a female photographer who needs to carry both your camera and important personal belongings but donG«÷t want to carry two bags around? We may have the perfect solution for you! This bag offers enough space for all the things you need to carry wit... Learn More

Manufacturer: Olympus


Store: Official Olympus Store offers latest award-winning digital cameras, lenses, audio recorders, binoculars & more.

Category: Olympus


See the Price of CBG-8 Beige Camera Bag (Tote style)

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